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Podcast 41: Open Interview

Click to play or download.My 41st podcast is an interview with … YOU! That’s if you want to answer, of course.

Show Notes:

I decided to do something that I’d like to call an “Open Interview,” so called because I’m encouraging anyone and everyone to respond, preferably in audio format. You can email your responses to or, if you decide to podcast your response yourself, just send me a link to your podcast.

Thanks, and now on with the questions:

1. What was your favorite subject when you were in elementary, middle, and / or high school, and why?

2. What do you remember about how your teachers used technology in the classroom? (keeping in mind that technology in it’s most basic form is any kind of tool)

3. Assuming you’re a teacher, how has technology made your lesson plans different from the lessons you had when you were the same age as your students?

4. Which do you think is better: A computer in every classroom or a single common computer lab in the school that has enough computers for everyone in a class?


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Podcast 40: Tech4Learning interview

Click to play or download.My 40th podcast is an interview with Tom Kelly from I find the company to be facinating not just because they deal with graphic software, but because of how they’re doing it.

Show Notes:

  1. Powering Up With Technology – A great conference, and not just because I got to present there.
  2. Tech4Learning: a business serving schools and educators with some nifty programs and ideas.

Podcast 39: Powering Up With Technology Conference

Click to play or download.My 39th podcast is an abbreviated overview of the Powering Up conference. I’ll have a few posts that go into more depth in the near future.

Show Notes:

  1. Powering Up With Technology – A great conference, and not just because I got to present there.
  2. Tony Brewer says: “Technology is not a panacea.” … of course he also says “If you steal from me, it’s been stolen twice.” He was personable, funny, and very knowledgeable.
  3. Tech4Learning: a business serving schools and educators with some nifty programs and ideas.

Podcast 38: Audience and Creative Commons

Click to play or download.My 38th podcast is a few days late, due to some technical difficulties. My computer feels better now.

Show Notes:

  1. Whenever you use a form of media, you must NEVER forget your audience.
  2. Where do you go to find media released under a Creative Commons License?Yahoo! Creative Commons
    PodSafe Audio
  3. Academic Aesthetic Forum: Yes, no, maybe so?

Podcast 37: Podvangelism and Movies

Click to play or download.In my 37th podcast I say “podcast” a lot. I can’t help it, it rolls off the tongue.

Show Notes:

  1. What does my nickname have to do with podvangelism? You may not know as much about podcasting as some people, but if you’re hearing my podcast now you know more than most people.
  2. The 5th & 6th grade members of my Art Club are going to be making short movies, and so far things are working out well.
  3. I feel inspired to make little movies of lesson ideas/instructions. Look for them soon.

Podcast 36: My Copying

Click to play or download.My 36th podcast is, for a change, not about the Art Club.

Show Notes:I’ve been working my way through Lawrence Lessig‘s book, Free Culture. It’s a good read, even though it was written by a lawyer.

After the book plug, I spend the rest of the podcast talking about my views and experiences with copying throughout my life. A lot of the skill I’ve acquired as an artist is due to the fact that I’ve copied a lot of the artists that came before me. That’s one of the reasons why Creative Commons licenses are so cool. Without giving up what we own, we let future generations learn by copying what we’ve done and building on it.

[EDIT: There seems to have been a problem with posting the audio file. I think it’s fixed now, though.]

Podcast 34: Lifelong Learning

Click to play or download.This is not my 34th podcast, it’s my 5th attempt at my 29th podcast.

Show Notes:On 9/14/05, Will Richardson Wrote:

I was talking with a math teacher who is a part of our pilot, and he told me that in the course of his lesson on Monday he used a term that was unfamiliar to his students. Rather than simply give them a definition, he modeled his own practice by having his students watch as he went from the OneNote page he was projecting via his tablet, opened up a browser, surfed over to Wikipedia, looked up the definition, and started a discussion about not only the math but about the workings of the site. Now I would bet that only a handful of teachers would model that same process.

Mr. Richardson was excited about this story, and I agree it was totally awesome when I read about it myself. It’s a total shame that today’s teachers often focus on passing on the information more than passing on the methods used to obtain that information. I don’t think this is any individual’s fault, but rather it’s residual inertia left over from an era where one could succeed in the “real world” without being a lifelong learner.

This is a new millennium, and we must begin to teach in a way that will help our students also be their own teachers.

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