Collaborative Lessons Wiki and Frappr Map

artclublabAre you interested in having your K-12 class work with another class in another school for a lesson, project, or other activity? That’s why the Collaborative Lessons group is here!

Just place a pin in our Frappr map, including the subject to which you’d like your lesson to relate. Include an email address in your “shoutout” message, along with any other specifics you’d like to add, and then other teachers will be able to see where you are and what you’d like to do.

Sometimes teachers want to do a collaboration with another class but just can’t think of a good lesson idea. That’s what this wiki is for! If you’ve got a cool concept for a collaborative lesson just go to the appropriate page (or make your own if the page doesn’t exist) and add in your idea.

Don’t worry about mistakes or immature people going in to change the pages in a bad way, every change is saved so we can always go back to the way the site used to be.