Download NASA Photos, Videos, & Audio For FREE!

One of the (many) cool things about NASA is that, as a government-run organization, media created by NASA is  considered public domain. There are a few exceptions to this (mainly when NASA works with a company or university, the resulting works might be copyrighted by the other party…), but it still makes NASA a wonderful  source for legal content that students can include in their projects.

And now, you can search through all of their wonderful images, videos, and audio files on the official NASA website!

This is a great resource for any (multi-)media project with a STEM STEAM slant to it., made better by the fact that you can even narrow your search by a range of years using the slider on the left.

Oh, one last tip: Looking for something that can just be a cool wallpaper? Search for the word “nebula.”

(Source:  DIY Photography)