Flickr Updated!

hammerLooks like my favorite photo sharing website has made some recent changes, replacing the “beta” in their logo with “gamma” to show just how far they’ve come.

The first thing I said to myself when loading up Flickr this morning was “Holy cow, I’ve got a LOT of photos on each page here!” Yep, by abandoning the Yahoo! ads (Which I never paid attention to, anyway) and doing some other adjustments, they’ve managed to give me two columns of photos on the first page of my photostream. (So now it looks like all of the other pages in my photostream.)

I’m curious as to why they abandoned the ads altogether, though. I mean, sure, I didn’t use them … but Yahoo! isn’t exactly making money off of Flickr as it is.

In any case, they’re also posting more TOS notices, in particular the reminder I see after clicking on “all sizes.” You’re not supposed to put Flickr hosted images on your website/blog/etc. unless they link back to that image’s Flickr page. This could mean trouble for a lot of Google Earth enthusiasts, including myself, who like to embed images in their maps.

I’ll be renting server space from a 3rd party soon, so hopefully it won’t bother me so much.