Good News, Bad News

Just a short update, as I don’t want this to become a “medical maladies” blog.   I wouldn’t be posting this here at all if it wasn’t for the one I wrote yesterday, since I don’t want to leave anyone hanging.

My wife is home and doing better, after they adjusted a bunch of the medications she’s been taking.  (kidney failure will do that to you, but we’ve gotten used to it.)  The worst news we got yesterday was that she’s showing signs of the early stages of pneumonia, but we caught it early so she should be ok.

Thank you for thinking about us.

2 responses on “Good News, Bad News

  1. Chris Craft

    Hey you keep posting this, darn it. At least I want to know how she’s doing. Don’t ever feel bad about that, this is your blog and we’re a part of your support network.

    Praying for you both…

    Chris Craft