My first podcast!

Click to play or download.[EDIT: I’ve moved this mp3 file to and changed the link to match the new location.]Once again I’m bandwagon jumping, but now I present to you my first audio rambling in all it’s glory! (Just click in the little icon to get it.)

I’m not sure how many of these I’ll be able to fit on this server before moving them over to (This one’s 26.3 meg! Ouch!), but as I only have high speed at school and our firewalls here block’s nifty uploading tool, I’ll hold out for as long as I can.

Two things I noticed when editing this: As everyone finds out when they first record themselves, I say “Um” a lot. I edited a good many of them out, but left them in when I felt doing so would hurt the rhythm of what I was saying too much (In other words, it was too much work to cut them all out.)

Also, I tend to speed up or slow down when I’m talking, thus making my words a little hard to understand at times. This was a little harder to fix in post-production, so I just hope that I can work on this next time I’m recording.

Shownote Links:

Creative MuVo TX FM 1 gig: My mp3 player / audio recorder of choice. It’s small, it’s cute, it’s USB 2.0! The web site of Steve Dembo – the man, the myth, and my inspiration for podcasting.

Wikibooks: I mentioned this when I was recording but couldn’t remember the name of the site. Wikibooks is an online collaboration open to anyone that wants to help create free online textbooks.