My turn to learn.

abstract paper sculptureI’m getting ready for a really fun day tomorrow.

I know, I know, as an art teacher most of my days are fun, but this one’s extra special.

Tomorrow is an inservice day, so to make up for the lack of students the teachers in the Interrelated Arts program are getting together to swap lesson ideas. I’m sure most of them will be bringing in student work, but I don’t have the heart to take those things down.

Instead, I’m taking digital pictures. I’f I’m lucky and can get an internet connection in that building I’ll show them a Flickr slide show, since I really want to get more art teachers turned on to that service. If not, I’ll use my Mac’s built in screen saver to do the job.

When we’re done there I’ll be hopping in my car and driving to Rockville (Mental note: I still need to print directions) for a Maryland DEN event where we’ll be learning how to use MovieMaker. I may already know how to use iMovie, but unfortunately most of my buildings are using Windows so I guess I might as well learn Movie Maker also and get some cool lesson ideas while I’m at it.