Academic Aesthetic Podcast 55 – PETEandC 7 of 7

Listen to the podcast!After writing up my summary of the PETE&C DEN event I noticed that it can easily be divided into 7 sections. So, rather than bombard you with a large report I’ll post one section a day this week. Short, sweet, bite-size chunks of information work much better for me, and hopefully for you as well.

Again, this is also a podcast.

End of the day, and in a moment of triumph Steve Dembo showed off the new website. A lot of work went into this, and it shows. Based on the idea that a website’s users are what makes it great, DEN members have a lot of input here. There’s a discussion forum, calendar, links to resources, and in all of these DEN members are allowed to contribute.

Not a DEN member yet? Well, why not? Go sign up! Now! It’s free, so you don’t have that as an excuse.