Session 1: Podcast, Vodcast, Screencast Nation

Will Richardson at MICCA 07This session is being presented by the masterful Will Richardson, who is always worth seeing. When I walked in he told me I didn’t need to be here (my ego inflates once more), but since it hasn’t been that long since I switched from strictly audio to mostly video I’m sure there’s more for me to learn.

I’m not the only one using a wiki for my notes: will take you to the handouts for all of his sessions.

Showing off podcasts – Radio Willow Web and Princeton Review Vocab Minute.

iTalk, iRiver, and other podcast recording toys. Some people have different definitions on the word “inexpensive,” but at least we can still use our phones.

Audacity, that wonder of free, open source recording software.

If I find one new resource in a session, it’s worth my time. Podomatic is that resource.

Onto the video – Will Richardson has a REALLY nice camera. No external mic jack, but nice nonetheless.

Youtube can RECORD video? Wow. I may need to play with that some more.

Izzy Video teaches how to make videos.

Smart Recorder is for SmartBoard presentations, but it’s free and works on Mac & Windows. Could screencasts be in my future as well? :)

I taught Will about  Down, ego!  DOWN! :D