Session 4: Using NASA’s Online Problem-Based Learning Activities

Last session of the day, and believe it or not I’m not attending the one on unitedstreaming. It’s worth seeing, but I experienced the same session at the PETE&C conference a while back.

With unitedstreaming out of the picture, it was almost a toss up as to which session I should see, but I finally picked one.

NASA’s got a bunch of projects at their NASA Quest website. Some of it’s a little dinky on the content (coloring pages), but other parts are a little more robust (design an aircraft). They even have Spanish and Chinese language versions – which I didn’t expect from a government site.

At this point the presenter (Valerie Hawkins) is continuing with a walkthrough. She’s shown us that the NASA Quest page is diverse in features, but the back row was crowded when she started and now I’m the only one in it. (I would be sitting closer to the front with the rest of the remaining 25 or so teachers, but I’m making use of the power outlet back here.)

My guess is that there’s nothing wrong with the presentation, but as the last session of the day it’s cursed to have a large percentage of walk-outs. The same thing’s probably happening in all the sessions, and it will most likely be even worse tomorrow.