So This Happened…

I’ve been having a tough series of days, lately.  While this gem I found in my inbox does nothing to solve the LARGE OVERWHELMING PROBLEMS that I currently have on my plate, it certainly served to brighten my day a bit.

2013-11-14 13_59_41-My Drive - Google Drive


Your hard work, creative contributions, and dedication to creativity in the classroom has been noticed and you were recently nominated for the honor of being named a Tech4Learning Innovative Educator. Congratulations! We are thrilled to recognize the work that you are doing with Tech4Learning products.

As an Innovative Educator, we want to make sure you have the resources you need to be a success with Tech4Learning tools. As an Innovative Educator you receive:

1. Single copies of Tech4Learning’s top 3 tools. 
You may already be using our tools, but an email will arrive shortly and will include a link to download the latest versions of Frames, Pixie, and Share along with the registrations codes for you to enjoy.

2. A Tech4Learning Innovative Educator certificate and badge. 
You can proudly display the certificate on your wall and badge on your website or blog. These files are attached!

3. A multi-year Recipes4Success subscription! 
To start using the Recipe tutorials and Snack references, as well as tools like the Rubric Maker, go to:

You can change your password using the My Account link at the top.

TIE_badge_180 - Copy4. An Invitation to the Tech4Learning Innovative Educators group on Connect. You can jo

in the group at any time, and we will send you a formal invitation soon.

In the middle of next week we will be highlighting you in our blog and announcing your honor to all of our users on Connect. If you are not yet a member, or if your profile could use updating, now is the time to do it. I would also love to use a photo of you for the blog and would appreciate it if you would send me one that I may use.

Thank you for your continued support in educating 21st century students with Tech4Learning tools!

– Melinda and Danielle

PS – Please let us know if you are presenting at any conferences as we would love to give you items for the session or workshop to give-away. And feel free to add any of these conferences to the calendar on Connect so other community members can search for you!

 So there you go.  Day was still pretty rotten, but this made it just  little less so.

(And I’ve been saying Tech4Learning’s Frames is awesome literally for years, long before they gave me anything for free.  If you don’t have it installed on your computers, you’re missing out.)