Susan Benarcik’s Paper Spore

It’s no secret that I love, love, LOVE paper sculpture.  Whether it’s one sheet or 2,000, printed out or made from scratch, to me there’s something aesthetically appealing about taking a planar surface and turning it into a three dimensional object.

So when this showed up in my RSS reader thanks to MAKE Magazine …. well, I had to blog about it.

susanbenarcikThis sculpture looks awesome.  On top of that, it also looks simple enough to have my younger students recreate something in the same style!  I’ve been looking for ways to incorporate more contemporary artists into my lessons, and this might just be one of the ways to do it.  I like her Artist’s Statement, too – I’m thinking that paragraph alone could inspire all kinds of cool projects.

The only problems I can really think of right now would involve display, as I would need to make sure the student work was structurally sound enough to hang from the wall and not fall apart.

Still, with 20+ students working on the sculpture we’d be able to make something pretty neat looking no matter how long it lasts.