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Academic Aesthetic 160: Flickr Video

Wow, 160 … that’s almost a milestone, isn’t it?  I suppose I should take the time to try out something new then, huh?

In any case, here’s a quick rundown on my opinions concerning Flickr’s decision to host videos:

  • Flickr’s video hosting is to most online videos as Twitter is to most blog posts.
  • 90 seconds is very short.
  • If you edit well, 90 seconds can be enough. (Remember, most commercials are 60 seconds or less.)
  • The first time I tried to cut one of my ramblings down to a minute and a half, it wasn’t easy.
  • I say in the video that I cut 10 minutes of footage out to make it fit. I was exaggerating.
  • It wasn’t more than 8 minutes. Honest.
  • Still, editing out everything except the core points took much longer than I thought it would.
  • Flickr Video ≠ YouTube
  • Flickr Video = Neat little toy
  • You can supposedly embed the videos as easily as the photos.
  • “Supposedly,” because copy/pasting the provided HTML code did nothing but place a blank, black box in this blog entry.