Tech Integration Checklist

circuit boardI was doing some very late (or very early) spring cleaning, and came across some papers from seminars and conferences I attended years ago.

Most of the stuff wasn’t worth keeping, but I did find a list that I think I acquired at a MICCA conference. I wish I knew who wrote this (a Google search came up empty), but I think it’s worth a reprint here.

UPDATE: I just got an email from Rachel. It turns out that Sarah Stiles (A freind of Rachel’s from Anne Arundel County Public Schools) was the author of this wonderful list. My guess is that it was her presentation I saw at MICCA.

8 Ways to Test for Effective Technology Integration

1. An outsider would view the use of technology as a seamless part of daily instruction.

2. Students are genuinely interested & excited about learning.

3. You’d have trouble accomplishing your learning goals if the technology were removed. (In other words the technology is truly the “best media,” or the “right tool for the right job.”)

4. You can explain how the technology is enhancing instruction in 2-3 sentences.

5. Students work towards one or more content-related outcomes.

6. The technology activity is a logical extension of the lesson.

7. A real problem is being solved through the use of technology.

8. All students are able to participate & you can describe how a particular student is benefiting from the technology.

The idea behind this list is not to do all 8 at once, but to hit two or three of them every time you strive for technology integration. Thoughts? Comments? Does anyone know who wrote this?