This is only a test, and I’m sick.

Sorry to get your hopes up. I’m not really dead, just distracted.

New podcast on Monday.


Edit: It seems I was a little too ambiguous with this update. Sometimes when I don’t post for a while I put up a “I’m not quite dead yet!” post just to let people know I haven’t abandoned my site completely.  The apology was because I’ve had people tell me they look forward to my podcasts, and since this update gives you nothing new really I can see how it would be a bit of a letdown.

The back story is this:  After visiting Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm‘s Harvest Festival last weekend (an annual event I try to never miss), I came down with a cold which I apparently still have.  It’s not enough to keep me home from work (I have too much of my father in me), but it is slowing me down and I need to save my sore throat for telling Kindergarten kids that oil paints aren’t lipstick.

I’m hoping I’ll be back to normal (or at least my usual grade of abnormal) by Monday, and if I’m not I’ll still have SOME audio for you.  I might even find a guest podcaster, but we’ll see.

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