Totally Self Referential

Because it was something I’ve wanted to do for a while, and because, against all odds, it was still available, I am now the proud owner of

Don’t bother going there yet, for two reasons:

  1. It takes a while (sometimes a day or two, although I have seen it work in a couple hours…) for new domain names to actually work right.  It’s a little complicated.
  2. When it does start working, all it’ll be doing is pointing here.  Why? Because I don’t know what to do with it!

That’s right, I actually registered a domain with no idea what to put there content-wise.  The important thing for me now is that I have the option of putting something there without worrying about another Aaron B. Smith snatching up that URL.  Believe me, there’s enough of us.

But the question of what to put there is nagging me a bit.  I don’t want to move content from here over to there – I’ve spread myself to thin before – but what SHOULD I do with that domain?

Comments welcome.

2 responses on “Totally Self Referential

  1. Freetard

    Hee, I’d say you’ve taken that first step towards an addiction to vanity domains! I myself own around 30 of the things. DO anything with ’em? Ha! I just collect them, like some people collect Franklin Mint figurines, Blue Mountain Pottery, or the fingers of those who owe them money. Better make sure you grab the .org and .tv versions too! *evil grin*