Viral Game Thingie

Don’t blame me for this little foray into random listing of things, blame Steve Dembo for emailing me. I promise to return to the usual topics of conversation after this.

Well, there’s another meme going around. I participated and have picked you five to pass it along to. So if you want to participate in a schoolyard game of tag, please feel free to answer the following questions on your blog. If you hate this sort of thing and find it childish and lame, feel free to delete the email and never think about it again!

Here’s what you need to list –

First 5 Songs in Shuffle of Entire Music Library

Toccata et Fugue (D minus Mix) – KRYPTONIC

The Remedy (I Won’t Worry) – Jason Mraz

Appalachian Spring-Variations on a Shaker Hymn – Aaron Copland (Detroit Symphony Orchestra)

My Girlfriend – Reliant K

Warp – Yuki Kajiura (.Hack soundtrack)

Current Book You are Reading (or lightly leafing through)

Digital Photography Hacks – Not everything in this book is really a “hack” per se, but it’s still a good book for anyone interested in being serious with a digital camera (even a cheaper digital).

Last Movie Seen in a Theater and Where

Hoo boy, that was a while ago …. I think it was “Master of Disguise” and it was in a theater just outside of Reading, PA.

Five People To Whom You’ll Pass This

I’d rather not write all their names here (I’m not sure how they would feel about me doing so), but It’ll mostly be family and friends outside of the school setting.