What I did this Summer

What I did not do:

  • Spend lots of time blogging.
  • Go to technology conferences.
  • Spend lots of time with my PLN.

What I did do:

  • Unplugged and spent quality time with the wife.
  • Plugged back in to play video games … with the wife.
  • Got a job offer for an art/tech position where I will have my own computer lab and see my students much more often than once or twice a quarter. It’s in a new K-8 school opening this year in the county.
  • Had an interview the next day.
  • Offered the job on the same day.
  • Asked what the administration’s take was on blogging.
  • Convinced administration that I could teach blogging to students in a responsible way.
  • Accepted the job.
  • Missed my exit on the way home from the interview.  Twice.

Those that know me will understand this was a decision that I was ready to make, but it still won’t be easy.  There are a lot of staff and students in my previous buildings (dang, it’s still feels odd typing that) that I’m really going to miss.  Most of them I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye to.

I think I’m going to let this sink in for a day or two.

4 responses on “What I did this Summer

  1. Selena Ward

    That is a great way to spend the summer. As much fun as I had doing the things you didn’t do, I need to learn to relax during the summer.

    CONGRATULATIONS on the new position! It sounds like it was made for you.

  2. deetechtLMS

    CONGRATS!!!! on the new position in the new building! You were ready… I hope they’re ready for you. I will miss working with you in my building!

    Glad to hear you unplugged to relax a little. I wish I could.

    I am spending my summer doing more school work –

  3. Angela

    Hello… I Googled ‘Art Teacher Blogs’ and yours was one that came up…

    I am taking the Praxis for Art this weekend…I am a graphic design major (BA in Art) and was seriously considering going alternate route for art k-12.

    I was wondering if you took the Praxis for that content and what it was like.. I am super nervous because I was not an Art Ed. major…and I fear I am going to be a huge disadvantage..
    I dod take all the Art theory and History classes…but I was just wondering if there is any help, guidance or advice you might be able to supply me with.
    Anything would be soo greatly appreciated.
    Thanks so much in advance.
    Take care!