Academic Aesthetic 140

Behold, my 140th podcast! View it! Cherish it! Pause it at random moments and laugh at the funny faces I make!

… no, wait. Scratch that last one …

In any case, most of this video was taken during day 2 of MICCA.

Show notes:

  • She didn’t leave her name, but I think it’s a plug from Gwyneth Jones!
  • Another plug from Will Richardson! WILL RICHARDSON!!
  • Getting in early. Why?
  • Picking a session. Sometimes the lesser known presenters are just as good but with more seats available.
  • Commentary by Mark Young!
  • Wondering where we’ll be in 5 years…
  • Stopped by security. Oops. (No problems after I said I was a presenter.)
  • Buy David Warlick’s books! Put his son through college! (What, you don’t know who David Warlick is? For shame!)
  • National conferences are cool, but state and local conferences have art shows. Just sayin’…
  • Silliness
  • Now that we’ve learned all this new stuff, how are we going to use it in the classroom?
  • Read that last one again. It’s that important.
  • Submit some audio or video! (Ok, you can email it to me instead if you don’t like the web based format…) My 150th podcast is coming up, and I’d like to include more stuff created by other people.
  • A little bit of a surprise at the end. I’m not saying what, though…