Academic Aesthetic 141

This video brought to you by a tag from Durff’s Blog.  Better late than never!

My 10 tips to be successful:

  1. Give thanks.
  2. Network.
  3. Unwind.
  4. Do at least ONE productive thing every day.
  5. Make something.
  6. Do something you haven’t done before.
  7. Be honest, but not THAT honest.
  8. Never say no to free stuff.
  9. Have a “Plan B.”  Plans C and D wouldn’t hurt, either.
  10. “Don’t TELL me what you’re going to do, SHOW me!”

Other items of note:

  • I’ve created a wiki to showcase lessons that combine art with other subjects.  If you’ve ever handed a student a paintbrush, marker, or crayon, then you can contribute.
  • I’m still looking for audio and video comments to include in my podcasts.  If the web interface doesn’t work for you, you can always email it to me instead.  That way you can include your own background music, special effects, or whatever.
  • Wondering what happened to the audio only version?  I’ve started posting them over on PodServe.