Academic Aesthetic 146

wowhippo.gifThe rumors of my demise … yadda yadda yadda.  No video this time, just an unedited monologue recorded with my newest gadget (see below).

  • Sorry for the delay.  I blame end-of-school-year-hassles, a trip to PA, a new apartment, and something else.
  • I have a new toy: The Creative Zen V Plus!  I used it to record this podcast, as a matter of fact.
  • Alas, Creative doesn’t make any software or drivers that make the Zen V Plus Mac compatible.  Fortunately, these people made an open source program that gets the Zen onto my Mac!
  • It’s easy to censor yourself.
  • When you post a link, you have no control over that site.
  • You’re not just linking to that site now, but 3 months from now and 3 years from now.
  • Where do you draw the line?

5 responses on “Academic Aesthetic 146

  1. Tom Turner

    Oh No Aaron!!! You got sucked into the WoW!!! Run for the hills!! Do tell the pertinent information though, what server and class/race combo did you go with??? I do sometimes miss my man Jackolantern (undead rogue, what a name for him eh?). He could slice and dice with the best of em.

  2. theartguy Post author

    Right now I’m on the Shandris server with a level 14 night elf rogue named Blakeambrose and a level 6 gnome mage named Franklebert.

    I’ve had some friends tell me I need to create characters on their favorite servers so we can play together, but every time I check them they’re full.

  3. john blake

    I got a cold chill listening to your story about URLs you had bookmarked being switched to inappropriate content. I am looking at my Delicious book marks and rethinking how I use these Web 2.0 potential”career enders”. The question is how do we cover our tails on this issue. Thanks for the dose of reality.

  4. Tom Turner

    One of the issues with Blizzard and WoW Aaron is the overpopulation of some servers. Zuljin was the server I was on and was one of the highest populated ones. The most I waited to log in on one night was 45 minutes, what in the world was I thinking!

    GNOAMS! The only thing a gnoam is for is for chomping upon!