Academic Aesthetic 147

(Note: I’ve just spent far too long trying to get this audio to NOT sound like a chipmunk on a coffee spree in the flash player.  The result is … less than perfect, but at least you can tell what I’m saying.)

Here’s a big important question: A reputable company with a product for educators has asked to sponsor my show. Should I say yes?

I have mixed feelings about this, since it would be advertising but on the other hand I’ve heard other edu-bloggers and edu-podcasters say nothing but good things about this company. I can’t say more for fear of biasing your responses.

I can say that if I say yes, the sponsorship will include a graphic on the site and an audio clip in the podcast. However, the decision is up to you, the loyal listener After all, if you’re reading/listening to this then you stuck by me even after over a month’s hiatus. Feel free to comment on this post or email me.

One response on “Academic Aesthetic 147

  1. Casey Hales

    Welcome to Capitalism! :)
    Having spent 20+ years in broadcasting before teaching, I have to say advertising paid my salary.
    I did literally thousands of commercials both in TV and Radio. I wrote, directed and produced ADDY award winners. Sometimes I believed in the product, sometimes I didn’t. It wasn’t up to me but the public to buy into it or not.
    Someone wants to sponsor you, if you have no qualms then do it. It’s up to YOUR listener to decide to buy into it or not. When I was on the air, I NEVER personally endorsed a product I didn’t use and approve of.