Academic Aesthetic Podcast 52 – PETEandC 4 of 7

Listen to the podcast!After writing up my summary of the PETE&C DEN event I noticed that it can easily be divided into 7 sections. So, rather than bombard you with a large report I’ll post one section a day this week. Short, sweet, bite-size chunks of information work much better for me, and hopefully for you as well.

Again, this is also a podcast.


During lunch Hall Davidson showed us some great videos that were made by students – some of them younger than one might expect. Our kids are for the most part digital natives and are capable of doing a lot more than our curriculum gives them credit for. I constantly hear about raising standards for math, raising standards for reading, and so on, but I don’t often hear about raising the standards for technology.

Is it perhaps because so many of our teachers are afraid of what technology can do?


(At one point in this podcast I say “education” when I meant to say “technology.” See if you can find it.)