Academic Aesthetic Podcast 53 – PETEandC 5 of 7

Listen to the podcast!After writing up my summary of the PETE&C DEN event I noticed that it can easily be divided into 7 sections. So, rather than bombard you with a large report I’ll post one section a day this week. Short, sweet, bite-size chunks of information work much better for me, and hopefully for you as well.

Again, this is also a podcast.


For the 2nd breakout session I went to see a presentation on Google Earth and unitedstreaming, run by none other than Lance Rougeux (the guy who planned the whole PETE&C DEN event). I went into this with a bit of skepticism since I wasn’t sure if Google Earth had a Mac version, but a teacher at another table downloaded and installed the Mac app during the presentation so I really perked up after that.

Google Earth has some great visuals and looks at the altitude above sea level to make the maps 3D – honestly, the Grand Canyon looks awesome. You can also insert images on top of the map to turn them into great social studies lessons. Lance used unitedstreaming pictures of course, but an image is an image.

I think the best feature is Google Earth’s support of html code. I can insert pictures hosted on Flickr by using the codes they provide, and then everyone who loads my map file will see the same image.

When I had Art Club later on that week I showed Google Earth to some of my kids and they didn’t want to stop playing with it.