Among Giants

HPIM2578.JPGYesterday I arrived at the Hershey Lodge for the PETE & C Preconference sponsored by DEN. (Wow, what a name!) I couldn’t go to the full conference, but this one day event was too good to pass up.

To be honest, it wasn’t truly a one day fling – last night a bunch of DEN members got together to have dinner and socialize for a few hours. While we were still in the lobby waiting to go I had the opportunity to meet David Warlick.

It was quite convenient that I was talking to DEN managers Michelle Adams and Jannita Demian, or I would have never had such a chance encounter. They got hugs and hearty greetings while I got a wave and a handshake.

That's me.Dave had no idea who I was, but why should he?

At dinner my wife and I got to sit across from Kathy Schrock and discuss everything from family to educational podcasting.

Kathy had no idea who I was, either.

The next day I had the great honor of meeting Steve Dembo himself, who only recognized me because my hat had “Art Guy” written on it. (He mentioned at the time that I didn’t look anything like he imagined.)

This is the part of the story where I’m supposed to say that after shaking hands with all of these powerhouses in educational technology I’m never going to wash my hand again, but that’s just gross, isn’t it?

There’s a point to this beyond incessant name dropping. You see, I was getting a little worried that I might be getting a little too full of myself. I mean, let’s face it – I’ve got over 2,000 kids that freak out every time I walk into one of their classrooms.

Now, having met these icons of ed tech that are doing so much more than me to further the cause, I think I have a much better sense of self.

After all, I’m way too much of a fanboy to be all that famous, right?

(PS: More info on the conference, including a podcast or two, will be forthcoming as soon as my Powerbook is up and running again.)

3 responses on “Among Giants

  1. Casey

    Wow! Steve Dembo! :)
    You were among giants!
    I almost got to meet Steve. He was at the TCEA in up the road from here in Austin, but due to a snafu, I wasn’t able to get there when he was there.

    I was hoping to get Steve to buy me an adult beverage and tell me tales of his job just before he went to the Discovery folks. It has t be a hum-dinger!

    It’s all his fault I got into blogging!! And I can’t thank him enough.

  2. Jannita

    Well, I am honored to be included in a post titled “Among Giants” even if you were referring to Dave and Steve! :) I am glad that I had the opportunity to meet you and happy that I was able to introduce you to Dave Warlick. He is TERRIFIC! Stay tuned I am sure you will see more of him and Steve Dembo of course at future DEN events!

  3. Teach42

    Ok, knock it off :) I’m gonna blush here!

    Seriously though, it was awesome meeting you in person finally. I can’t even tell you how often I use you as an example during my blogging and podcasting presentations. Especially your blogging workshop podacst and your edublogging wiki. Great stuff that I refer people to all the time.

    Dave and Kathy though, now THEY’RE rock stars.