Evicted from my laptop.

Earlier this week my hard drive began to make a very unsettling noise. Seeing this as the beginning of the end I immediately backed up all of my files. I would have replaced the hard drive, and in fact I’ve done just that on several occasions, but with this particular laptop I think it would be too risky for me to do so.

So it’s at a repair center and will be returned next week with a new (and larger) drive. I’m getting by thanks to school computers (even if most of them are running Windows…) and my spare home computer, which just happens to be an old Compaq running Linux. I really like this Linux install, too – I don’t think this thing was this fast when it was new!

It’s also quite fortunate that I transfered my blog over to Blogger and my rss feeds over to Bloglines before the fateful day, even if I still have no way to put podcasts onto my iPod until I get my laptop back.

Unfortunately this means I won’t have my laptop when I head up to the PETE&C preconference sponsored by DEN. I’ve got to find another way to blog about it.