Before Thursday’s Keynote

It figures – just when I tried to post to Jaiku about the wifi working, the wifi went down.  This was a problem in the morning last year as well, but I don’t recall the access being as spotty as it is this year in the rooms for the concurrent sessions.  Some are great, others you’re lucky if you can get a page to load.

It’s back up a little bit (enough for me to load this page), but not enough to really follow along if David Warlick mentions any cool new sites during his keynote.

Aaaand, now it’s down again.  I need to stop talking about this before I become obsessed, but it’s true that one of the elements of a modern ed-tech conference these days is a stable wifi connection.  (If it can get Steve Dembo to dance like Snoopy, it has to be good!)

Before we got started this morning I got to talk to several cool people, including this year’s MICCA Teacher Of The Year (An art teacher!  Woohoo!).  Of course David Warlick pulled out his iTalk and asked us what we liked about MICCA so far.  It pays to be an early bird.  (I wasn’t going to be a shameless self-promoter of my own site for that recording, but Mr. Warlick asked so I had no choice but to answer.)