Thursday’s Keynote: David Warlick!

There are still a few presenters here that have printed handouts. David Warlick is not one of those people. Tags: flat, classroom, warlick

There’s a password, but I won’t blog that.

Taking a tour of the classroom of the future. Mr. Warlick is using his trademark sense of humor.

The words “World” and “Flat” have been used in combination with the word “is.” A major requirement for ed-tech keynote speakers has been fulfilled.

“What do I need to know, in order to be a part of this increasingly cooperative world?”

“He’s not investing in the technology! He’s investing in the story!”

Talking about “the long tail.” Basically, and other online companies make more money off of the old stuff than the new releases. Sales/item goes down over time, but there are so many items. This makes sense – most traffic to this site is from web searches that link to posts I wrote months (or longer) ago.

Buy Warlick’s books! Put his son through college!

“Our job is not to teach kids what to read and what not to read.” Our job is to help them make that decision.

Talking about Pluto and Wikipedia. I think Pluto got a bad rap, but that’s my opinion.

“When we have new questions, where do the new answers come from?”

RSS demonstration.

Winter of 2004: Warlick started listening to blogs instead of just talking through them. It became a conversation.

RSS can be used to build a “Personal Learning Network.”

“Pay attention to the information experiences that [our kids] have adopted! Respect what they have made of their world! A world that is both getting smaller and infinitely richer!”