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Academic Aesthetic 147

(Note: I’ve just spent far too long trying to get this audio to NOT sound like a chipmunk on a coffee spree in the flash player.  The result is … less than perfect, but at least you can tell what I’m saying.)

Here’s a big important question: A reputable company with a product for educators has asked to sponsor my show. Should I say yes?

I have mixed feelings about this, since it would be advertising but on the other hand I’ve heard other edu-bloggers and edu-podcasters say nothing but good things about this company. I can’t say more for fear of biasing your responses.

I can say that if I say yes, the sponsorship will include a graphic on the site and an audio clip in the podcast. However, the decision is up to you, the loyal listener After all, if you’re reading/listening to this then you stuck by me even after over a month’s hiatus. Feel free to comment on this post or email me.

Academic Aesthetic 145

No video this time, just wonderful low quality audio!

Wait … what?

Show notes:

  • The wiki is getting more spam than legitimate edits. I’m dealing with the spam now, and I’ll get to the real edits soon. No, really.
  • I’m beginning to like Ning more and more, mostly because it doesn’t crash Firefox as often as it used to do.
  • The next Teachers 2.0 Groupcast will be recorded on the 13th. Come join in the fun!
  • Planning on upgrading the version of Drupal that’s managing Should I go with regular or extra education?
  • Looking to find others willing to create Teachers 2.0 branded content. Are you interested?

Original photo (CC) wili_hybrid:

Academic Aesthetic 138

Hey, where’s the audio only version?  I moved that over to Podserve.  Vidcasts like this one will still get posted here, though.

Show notes:

Academic Aesthetic 134

Just a few quick things that I thought were cool:

  • My Art Club students have started teaching each other.
  • Some of my students are linking to my website from sites they’ve made themselves.  (I won’t link to their sites without parental permission, though.
  • Second Life seems to be running better than ever.  When I last used it months and months ago, it took forever to download all the textures and I was often booted when servers went down.
  • I started a Teachers 2.0 group on Ning so I could try it out, and lo and behold people have been joining!  So now you can be a participate on Ning or on the original (and ad free) site.

Academic Aesthetic 130 Video

  Here’s my latest rambling, where I talk about the definition of art and how it relates to education.

…Ok, you got me – this is a response to Dave LaMorte.  I also make a plug for the Artchive.

Academic Aesthetic 129 Video

My latest video in all it’s lack of glory!  (Wait, what?)

And here’s the poll…

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