Going Public

For a variety of reasons I’ve decided to make 3 of my World of Warcraft characters public knowledge and start blogging about how what they’re doing relates to education.

I will not be doing that here.

While I do think that posting about World of Warcraft would stay within the bounds of the “Art, Education, Technology” tag line that I’ve had since I created this blog, the majority of my target audience here is probably not interested in what my level 10 dwarf did last night.

I feel the same way about teacher blogs where they’ve just discovered Second Life, really.  More power to them, but Second Life doesn’t really interest me so I tend to read those blogs less if they suddenly are infused with posts about it.

Instead, I’ve created another blog just for that.  Posts that involve Warcraft and education will go there.  Posts that involve Art, education, technology, and not Warcraft will go here.  Hopefully this will keep everyone happy.