Session 2: Digital Neighbor or Nuisance?

snipshot_hi_e4h3spc55tu.jpgThis session won out over my other choices because it’s a forum, not a lecture. It’s being moderated by Kate Cave and Bob Cave.

They want to record this. I asked if they would be podcasting it – they just might. If they do, I’ll be sure to link to the file.

First a brief presentation, they’re emphasizing the brevity. This could easily turn into a full lecture session if they didn’t want the forum setting. That’s not a complaint.

Kids people can be rude. Is your cell phone on vibrate or off?

“Fear of strangers has instilled a lack of civility in our children.” I disagree. I don’t think it’s kids who are afraid of strangers.

This could quickly turn into a “those darn kids” gripe fest. I hope it doesn’t.

UPDATE: It didn’t.