Session 3: Digital Photography and Video Projects for Improving Learning

snipshot_hi_e46marw9dld.jpgPresented by Dr. Arnie Abrams. I’ve never seen Dr. Abrams present before, but he has some good ideas.

Photojournalism – tell a story, news or otherwise.

Digital ethics – nice. More people need to talk about how the camera can (and often does) lie.

Commercial assignment – more specifically, have the students create a commercial that advertises a product. The video he showed had students using aliases in the credits, wich is a nice idea.

Storyboarding instructions without words.

I may have to leave early to get to my own session on time. I hope not.

The last example had copyrighted music in it. Teachable moment about copyright infringement?

“Everyone’s a reporter.”

He talks about “Single Frame Animation.” I know it as “Stop Motion Animation.” To each their own.

Send digital photos back to the host after a field trip.

Time shifting – a look on the present from the viewpoint of the future.

Digital scavenger hunts – those are fun.

Visual seating charts – one of my schools uses photos on a chart so the Kindergarten teachers and students know who gets on which bus.

He’s reccomending software at this point. Why must PhotoStory be mentioned so often? It’s a nice program, but I hear about it more often than PowerPoint nowadays.

Giving tips – keep it under 3 minutes, privacy, copyright, ethics, ethics, ethics.

Sample rubrics.

Gotta go – my sessions on the other side of the continent.