Session 5: Linking Technology to Language and Fine Arts

hpim5447.JPGWoohoo, tech and fine arts! This one’s presented by Magdalena Fitzsimmons.

Started off with a warm-up asking for the elements of visual arts and music, then went into justifying the existence of an arts program in the schools.

Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education

Arts help build and reinforce the transfer of knowledge.

A mention of Howard Gardner and his theory of multiple intelligences. His books are difficult to read, but the ideas are worth knowing.

Arts Integration “IS” and “ISN’T” time. It’s not just doing a song about birds because the students are learning about birds. It needs equal emphasis on both academics and the arts.

She’s showing examples for use in a lab, but the examples are printed out into a handout. I wonder if she has a website … I can find online profiles, but that’s it.

One example involves a graphic organizer that includes hyperlinks to media files.  The teacher prepares that in advance, then the students complete the organizer.  Not a bad way to get low-tech kids (& teachers) started.

She’s only playing songs that have no English words so the students focus on the music rather than the lyrics.  Good idea.

How might I do that with visual arts?  Show abstract art?  Cut out or zoom in on portions of the composition?  I’ll have to give this some thought.